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 C CMT - Hunter => Skinner” Business Model of Success™

Net Branch

"Hunter" finds Deals


"Skinner" Funds Deals

  • "Hunter gets deals for "Skinner" to fund.
  • Searches for Commercial Loan Oppurtunities.
  • Gathers basic loan summary Information
  • Prepares "Loan Submission Form" (Borrower Info)
  • Submits "Form" to CMT
  • "Skinner Underwrites the "Deal".
  • CMT Very technical and detailed
  • Experts at Closing Commercial Loans.
  • Protects and Supports Net Branch
  • Provides FREE Solution for Closing Loans.

Old School - Typically, in the past, the broker does everything.

  • It has been the job of the Broker:

  • Originate the loan,
  • Service the Borrower,
  • Collect all documents,
  • Pre-qualify the loan,
  • Package the loan,
  • Shop the loan to competing Lenders, and then
  • Sell the loan program back to the Borrower.
  • Hope the Loan Closes!

The Broker has been responsible to do EVERYTHING. It takes years to learn all the aspects of the business with expertise. It may also take years to get dependable contacts that will help in the closing of your loans.

New School - The “Hunter / Skinner” Business Model of Success™ - Now the Broker:

  • Originate the loan,
  • Hands off Loan to Funding Source

With the contacts and database of closing sources that are included in the Net Branch no time is wasted. The Funding Source specializes in taking names, numbers, and closing loans. The Net Branch specializes in hunting the loans.

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